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FY 2016 Continuum of Care Program SICOCN Funding Awards

IL-520 – Southern Illinois CoC
Continuum HMIS Project                                            CoCR    $54,813
IL-520 CoC Registration FY 2016                              CoCR    $93,722
IL-520 CoC Registration FY 2016                              CoCR   $125,003
IL-520 CoC Registration FY 2016                              CoCR     $51,852
Open Doors                                                               CoCR    $187,174
Permanent Housing-3                                                CoCR     $78,034
Stepping Stones Transitional Housing Project           CoCR     $19,970
Transhouse                                                                CoCR     $61,665
Transitional House                                                     CoCR     $75,644
Transitional Housing for Survivors                             CoCR     $21,436
Transitional Housing Project                                      CoCR     $73,023

IL-520                                                                               Total : $842,336


SICOCN Dashboard  See our 2015 Continuum report


Board approved goals for the Continuum (accepted at the 9/8/16 SICOCN meeting):

  1. Increase access to mainstream resources.
  2. Review system Performance Measurements and examine individual performance.
  3. Increase PIT responses by 10%.
  4. Review and update the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.
  5. Review and assess the Data Quality Plan.